Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Now that We've Penetrated the Heart of Darkness. What Now?

From DU this morning:

Wed Jan-05-05 12:23 PM
Now that We've Penetrated the Heart of Darkness. What Now?

Congratulations to all who have followed the money and put the puzzle pieces together. What started as an exercise to make our votes count has revealed, thanks to Madsen, Mad Cow, our own fearless DU investigators and many others, the real reasons behind the Bush-Saudi connection,the Iraq war and the complicity of our corporate media.

The Saudi royal family,an evil dictatorship, is preparing for its ultimate overthrow by the fundamentalists.Our militaries are in Iraq to act as a buffer between Saudi Arabia and Iran(center of the fundamentalist revolution) in order to give them time to make their escape or, if possible, to invade Iran and eliminate the threat. This doesn't seem to be working as we're getting our ass kicked in Iraq.
So the Saudis are making good their escape. But to where? Where would the Saudis, accustomed to rule with their great wealth, find a home.

Why, here in America, of course. That's why they have been steadily investing and shifting their great wealth into the US. What did Michael Moore tell us in F-911 about that?

More importantly, what the hell are we gonna do about it? They now own our media, most of our politicians and much of our buisness community.
What are we gonna do at this point? I open the floor to suggestions


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